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The commission queue is currently full.

Hello there!
Thank you so much for thinking about placing a commission or custom order. :)
I do love to receive original and fun commission ideas within my style, however, please be aware that I may kindly decline your request if I feel the commission doesn’t suit me and my artistic path at the moment or if I feel I lack the technical skill required to create it.
Please do read all the info below before you fill in and send me the form below. Thank you!

The commission process usually looks something like this:

  • The first three questions I need answered are: What is the piece you want to order? When do you need it, is there a deadline? Where do you live?
  • After I know this, I can let you know if it is possible to get it done within the deadline and give you a price quote.
  • If you accept the price and the details, the first payment will be set up via Paypal or Etsy – usually 50% of the total.
  • If wanted I will make a sketch of the project. I will do all I can to make sure I know what you want and let you know what is possible.
  • When we have agreed on all the details I will start working on your commission. I will send you photos of the process while I work on it!
  • When the piece is finished the second payment will be made and once the payment is cleared I will ship the piece to you as safe as possible.
  • When you receive the piece you might want to send me an email and let me know if it arrived safely – it probably did and we will rejoice!

I always do my very best to gather information before I start, so that I know what it is you want as an end result, as well as send you photo/s of the artwork before I ship it to you. That said, making changes that go outside of the deal we had from the beginning will have to be charged extra for.

Below you will see a few price estimates for some of my pieces. They are to be seen as guidelines and prices will vary depending on complexity and materials. Shipping and VAT (only within EU) not included in these prices. All prices stated in SEK (Swedish Krona).

  • Mask made in a pre-made mold: 3000-8000 SEK+
  • Mask made from scratch (I sculpt something new): 8000-15 000 SEK+
  • Medium sized art-doll made in a pre-made mold: 1500-3500 SEK+
  • Medium sized art-doll made from scratch (I sculpt something new): 5000 SEK+

I always charge in SEK and when paying it will be converted to your currency at the rate that day. Payment will be made via Paypal or Etsy. For Swedish costumers I use bank transfer.

You can pay the whole amount before I start with the commission. For more expensive commissions I offer two (or more) part payments. In this case you would pay 50% before I start the work to cover materials and as a sort of insurance for me. I will of course keep you updated with the process and e-mail you photo/s of the work in progress. When the commission is finished and you are happy with it, the remaining 50% is paid. When I see the second payment has been cleared I will ship the item/s to you.

I would appreciate if you’d ask my permission before posting any of the in-progress photos online. You may of course do what you want with your finished piece, photograph it, post photos online etc. If you do, it would be great if you wanted to credit me for all the work I put into creating it (link to my website or similar). Thank you!

If I’m able to take on your commission we will agree on the details, the price and the date it could be finished and shipped, which depends on my workload and your place in the commission queue.
Creating a custom piece usually takes 1-4 weeks+, the production time varies depending on the complexity of your commission.

If something unexpected happens I have the right to postpone the commission or cancel it and refund your money in total. Of course I will keep you updated and inform you about any changes like this.

If you for some reason want to drop out of the queue and cancel your commission you should let me know immediately, I will have no hard feelings and I will be happy that you informed be instead of just went quiet! :)
If I do not hear back from you within two weeks you will unfortunately be removed from the queue and I must continue with the next commission, you may enter the queue again if there are slots open.

I ship internationally.
I do my very best to package and wrap my items to give them a safe journey to you. I generally use reused or recycled packaging, whenever it is possible and offers enough security for your piece, to leave the smallest imprint I can on the enviroment.
Items are shipped in sturdy boxes with plently of packaging!

International customers are responsible for ensuring the goods are acceptable in their country and for payment of all local taxes, customs duty, processing and import fees.
Packages being shipped outside of Europe may be delayed in your local customs agency for up to 6 weeks. This pretty much never happens but it is good to be aware of it.

The shipping times can vary and unfortunately I don’t have control over that. These are the estimated shipping times (does not include the actual production time) and are usually pretty accurate:

  • Outside of Europe: 1-2 weeks
  • Europe: 1 week
  • Sweden: 2 days

If you have a trackable package, please keep track of it with the tracking number I will provide you with, to make sure you don’t miss a delivery or if the package is held in costums. If you don’t pick up your package at the postal office it will eventually be sent back to me and then you will have to pay for the shipping once more if I’m to be able to ship it to you again.

Shipping cost Example:
A goast mask with large detachable horns, purchased from the US.
Because of the large size it would be shipped via EMS International Express, which is delivered to your door, insured and trackable. To the US this package takes about 3-4 days to arrive to the larger cities, may take a bit longer to more remote places. To the US a large package like this costs about 500-700 SEK to send, depending on the size and weight.
Smaller packages will cost anywhere between 20 and 500 SEK depending on size, weight, destination and other services.

Note that commissions and custom orders cannot be cancelled once the order has been accepted, and cannot be returned for refund if unwanted, unless they arrive damaged or defective.
If your item arrives damaged it may be replaced, repaired, fully or partially refunded. If you receive a damaged item please contact me immediately, before making any faulty goods returns and I will do all I can to solve the problem with you!

Horraaay! Good job reading through all that info.
Now, before you fill in the form below you should figure out what it is you want (or if you want to give me the freedom to decide all of it). The more information you give me, the faster I can give you a price quote, and it spares us both time.
I look forward to reading your ideas! :)

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